Saturday, May 5, 2012

Jennifer (by Brydon)

Jennifer is one of the most amazing people that I have ever met. She is very bright and graduated in Early Childhood Education from Brigham Young University with a GPA that most people have only dreamed of. She has taken what she learned in college and excelled as a teacher. In just a few short years, she worked as a Math Teacher Leader implementing research-based curriculums and also worked as a Kindergarten teacher. By her 5th year in the profession, she had become a Hall of Fame Teacher.
Once I had graduated and we had Caleb, she decided to leave teaching behind in pursuit of motherhood. This is where her extraordinary nature has truly shown through. Jennifer is incredibly open hearted. We have rarely had a time that she is not busy helping others. She has become the go to person for people, lending them a hand, giving educational advise, and helping them catch breaks with their children. Jennifer spends a great deal of time with Caleb. She helps him to try anything he puts his mind to. Every night when it is time for bed, Caleb puts his arms around her neck and says, "Mommy will you please snuggle me?".   We have a bit of a theme song that says, "Here we go, go, go, go on an adventure!".  This is because Caleb and her make quite the pair and are always off on an adventure.  They go to the parks, swimming, or head off to some distant land in Caleb's imagination. It is impossible to describe the closeness of the bond between them. Since having Arabella, it has been amazing to watch Jennifer work with her. I admire her patience and love for our sweet and special daughter and look forward to the many adventures they will all go on together! 
When we moved to Philadelphia so that I could pursue my Master's degree she decided to hold school in our home twice a week. She taught West African War Refugees how to read.  Most of these people had never been in a school in their life. It was a great day when they could call home for the first time on their own, or when they realized what the traffic lights were used for. Every student loved her.  They all gave her special dresses to say thank you as we moved away.
Jennifer after finishing her 1st Half Marathon
Jen is a wonderful companion and my best friend. She has followed me from one end of the country to the next and back. She has handled the challenges of supporting a grad student and being a military wife with incredible ease. She even takes time to come decorate my office with hearts on occasion just to let me know that she was thinking of me. I have never met someone that could love as fully and easily as Jennifer. I count my self lucky everyday that she has chosen me. 

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