Monday, May 7, 2012

A Note to Birth Parents

   We realize that it takes great courage to consider adoption and we are amazed by your strength.  We can only imagine how difficult this choice may be.  You may feel sad or worried at times.  Please know that you will be giving our family a beautiful miracle that is difficult to provide for ourselves, and that your influence will always be felt in your child’s life.  The gift of life itself, his or her beautiful smile, and the color of his or her hair and eyes are just a few of the gifts that can come only from you. 
   We know that you face a difficult decision and that you do so because you want the best for your baby.  We respect you for your care in making this important decision.  Should you choose to bless us with your child, we promise to teach your child early and often about your courage and sacrifice and how much love you have for him or her.  We would love to keep the lines of communication open between us and are willing to discuss what degree of openness you would like in the relationship. 
   Caleb loves being a big brother so much and would love to have more siblings to love.  He is an amazing big brother! Arabella loves babies so much and is our social butterfly who would love a little sibling to play with.  We are excited for the joy that adoption can bring to our family. While we will never truly know the pains of your heart during this time, please know that we will do all that we can to ease your mind and ensure your happiness and the happiness of your child.  Words cannot express our gratitude or the height of our respect for you. We look forward to the opportunity to chat with you and let you get to know us even more.  Feel free to email us at Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your child during this time. 
With Love and Appreciation,
Brydon, Jennifer, Caleb, and Arabella Manning

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