Monday, March 12, 2012


 We are still in awe that we were blessed with this sweet baby girl. Nothing was more shocking then finding out that we had somehow become pregnant and would have a little girl join our family. 
Arabella is 2 years old. Before she was born we did not know that she would have Down Syndrome, and it came as quite the shock to us. However it did not take long to experience her sweet spirit and realize how truly precious she is and how lucky we were to be her family. We are very blessed that she does not have any major health issues and that she is excelling in every way. Although she is a bit behind on some of her milestones, through therapy she is progressing very well. We are lucky to have great therapists and medical care through the military. 
 Arabella adores her brother most of all and he is definitely her favorite person. Right now she just mastered walking and climbing on top of everything. She is a master mess maker and enjoys getting into all sorts of trouble/fun!  She loves to clap for everything and is definitely the family cheerleader and smile creator. 
 She has taught our family so much in the short time she as been a part of our lives. She has the most beautiful perfect soul and so much love to give!

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